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    謝謝您的購買,購買完成後,請依照畫面上帳務資訊繳費(建議列印,以免遺失),並請在您繳款後,至網站上方點選【填寫付款單】,我方即可核對,並加速確認收到款項。如有任何問題請來信:houstinworth@gmail.com  或 來電:02-25507118


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    Upon your purchase is complete, please follow the billing information for the Payment (recommended print it to avoid loss), when you have completed your payment transaction please refer to the site and press the button【Fill out the payment order】 , so that we can verify with your order with the confirmation receipt of thy payment. If you have any questions you may email us at :houstinworth@gmail.com or call us at :02 -25507118